HR Live is a fully customisable cloud based recruitment platform, meaning it can be accessed from any device at any time. Below are screenshots of some of the functions of our recruitment platform.

Candidate Clipboard

Pages are designed to look and feel like an application pack, just click anywhere on the page to update the clipboard, all personal info, documents, bank details are store behind this front page and are accesable from the menu.

Client Clipboard

All of you current or prospect clients informaation in one easy to view page, multiple menu options to add further information, like adding jobs, setting up client user permissions, setting pay and charge rates, adding and creating staff pools. Everything you need to drive your recruitment business forward with easy admin.

Job Clipboard

The Job cliboard is where you manage all of your advertised jobs, from this page you also manage your pay and charge rates to your clients, you can also view applicants from this clipboard

Staff Pool Clipboard

This clipboard is used to add candidates in pools, you can add candidate to a specific company pool, you can also create your own pools of staff for any discipline or reason. You can also share these pools with clients, you can obviously retract any contact information to a client.

Temp Plan Clipboard

The temp plan is the main area for looking after your temp bookings, you can quickly pull up employee information, check pay and charge rates, mark daily attendance and enter hours, this can also be connected to our HR Timestation app to automatically pull through hours from devices you have at a clients premises or via an employee directly via the app

Perm Plan Clipboard

Quikly see your current order book and potential margin value, click deaper and see the progression of the candidates you have put forward, automatic invoicing can also be set up from here.